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a video of pharrell (co-owner of brooklyn machine works), joe avedisian (founder of brooklyn machine works) & johnny schillereff (founder of element) speaking on the history of Brooklyn Machine Works, pharrell’s involvement in the company, & the collaboration, The Brooklyn Element. Advertisements

i’m not really sure how i feel about these now,they looked dope when they were in the prototype stages..but now i just don’t know..i’ll post my favorites. (not saying that i would necessarily wear those,just my top picks from the collection)

i’m not really one to promote other clothing brands on our site,but i came across this today & felt i needed to share it with our community, its a very interesting presentation of designer e.tautz spring collection.enjoy.

(nickelus f seen sporting our homies DUMSKEME ) another hometown hero on the page.the latest from out boy Nickelus F who we go way back with.i’ll try and find some videos from when he was on freestyle friday sporting CI7Y.the track is dope though, keep a watch on this guy. follow him on twitter: @nickelusf […]

Vans Switchback in Black Gum. Chukka Grey Suede Chukka Del Barco Midnight Navy/TurtleDove. Mens LPE I’m still sitting here like woah.VANS really kicked it out for this season,& i’m hearing there’s more to come.i’m really considering copping the Switchbacks, & the Low Pro Eras..maybe in all black (not shown) though.

I’m not really a fan of boat shoes,but i have to admit Sperry has been stepping it up the last few seasons, with their fall//winter release of the mid tops (which i now own) i’m definitely considering getting a pair of these.

The latest video from Consequence, directed by Hype Williams.i guess it’s a pretty good video,i like the track i just don’t get the whole “girl throwing around her pony tail everywhere” but i guess it doesn’t matter because Beyonce had the greatest video of all time.